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Welcome to Radon 401 for Radon Mitigation Specialist certification/licensing. This course qualifies you to take the NRPP Mitigation Specialist exam. We do not offer a technician exam as we feel technicians should know the full scope of the job, regardless of which certification designation they seek. Technicians are welcome to take this course and the Specialist exam, and apply for either certification. Attention Illinois Students: You must take this [Specialist] course and the NRPP Specialist exam in order to qualify for either Illinois license [Technician or Professional]. The State of Illinois does not recognize Technician courses or Technician exams so please plan accordingly. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions. Happy studying!

Listed below are links to external resources you will need such as ANSI/AARST Standards, EPA guidance documents, and state-specific regulations. These resources might also be listed in appropriate chapters. However, this will be a convenient place for you to access the links. You should create a bookmark folder in your browser and bookmark these links in separate tabs for ease of use during the course of your studies.

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Please note: you will want to become very familiar with the layout and search function of the ANSI/AARST Standards since you will be able to access these links during the NRPP Measurement and/or Mitigation exams.

Link to ANSI/AARST MAH 2023 [Measurement Standard]

Link to ANSI/AARST SGM-SF 2023 [Mitigation Standard]

Radon Measurements Systems Quality Assurance QA/QC Standard]


Illinois Radon Regulations


EPA Citizen's Guide to Radon

EPA Homebuyer and Seller's Guide to Radon


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